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November 27, 2010

About 10pm last night, north of Albany, moving West to East, apparently at about the speed of aircraft, but very bright, and orange. Two of them, closer than aircraft usually get. Could have been something coming out of Whenuapai. If not, I guess it must have been aliens.



November 27, 2010

Not only will they not let me use my Paypal account in a way that realizes the international nature of the internet, their your credit card authorization service does the same utterly retarded things.

I have a Target Visa. The billing is between me and Retailers National Bank. It’s not up to Paypal to tell them that they’re not allowed to have customers in New Zealand.

I want to buy Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews in England. The internet allows me to have gifts shipped to them from retailers in the UK, saving shipping costs and CO2 emissions. But you won’t let me enter a shipping address outside New Zealand. I have to have their gifts shipped here first, and then ship them back again, a round trip of 25 thousand miles.

I hope they’re proud of themselves.