UI Peeve of the Day

Menu drop downs that are secretly buttons, too.

Paypal did this to me. Apart from the greater peeve that Paypal won’t let you emigrate (seriously: you have to close your account and open a new one if you change your country), the help says to select Account – Profile – Close Account. Fair enough. But if you select Account, and then mouseover Profile, you get a dropdown menu of four items, none of them Close Account. You have to click on Profile to get the full menu.

I appreciate this is a UI shortcut to the popular options, but there should be some UI hint the Profile is a link, as well as a dropdown heading.


2 Responses to “UI Peeve of the Day”

  1. deinotes Says:

    My letter to Paypal, explaining why I was closing my account:

    Why is it that every other financial institution I deal with is quite happy to keep my accounts open when I move to another country, but you, who should be the *least* limited by geography, are unable to?

    I don’t think you quite get the internet.

  2. deinotes Says:

    And then, they say:

    Do You Want to Close Your Account?

    Updating your account information is easy. From My Account, go to Profile.

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