Another move, another burnout

I moved the computer desk and associated crap back down into the master bedroom today (this post is proof that at least some of it still works). The spare room is being repurposed to accommodate an au-pair, arriving a week from Monday.

Thanks to our eclectic mixture of 110V and 240V equipment, plugging everything back in has to be done carefully. Unfortunately, plugging everything back in is also done after lugging a bunch of furniture up, or in this case, down, the stairs.

The device that failed the smoke test this time was the wireless base station. It’s particularly annoying since the adapter I plugged it into (an OEM multi-voltage adapter previously powering the speakers) was actually putting out the right voltage (12V). I don’t know why the base station didn’t like it, but we’re now down to one thing that gets plugged into the transformer – Mrs. Deinotes’ cell phone charger.

I probably need to invest in a labeller. It would be cheaper than buying new hardware all the time.


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