Outlook error 800ccc0e

If you’re getting this error, and it’s not your firewall or antivirus settings, it may be your ISP.

Everyone in the house but me uses Outlook 2000 for their email (or did until this morning, when I switched Gareth over to Thunderbird). I use Gmail’s web interface. Lisa has been sending and receiving emails without problems, but Gareth has not been able to send email for some time, persistently getting error 0x800ccc0e.

Search for this error code in Google, and what you’ll get told is that your firewall or antivirus software is blocking port 25. It wasn’t until the bottom of the third page of hits that anyone made the obvious point that it could be my ISP blocking port 25. Obviously they let out SMTP to well known mail providers such as Google, but not to my dodgy hosting provider in the states, which explains why Lisa can get her mail but Gareth can’t – Lisa’s mail is forwarded from morrish.org to gmail.com, but Gareth’s isn’t (he has less of a spam problem). Said dodgy provider is aware of this, and also provides SMTP on port 587, which Telecom does not block.


One Response to “Outlook error 800ccc0e”

  1. Deinotes Says:

    On the other hand, it could just be Outlook being crap.

    Just spent half an hour trying to work out why Outlook wouldn’t connect to either pop.gmail.com:995 or station193.com:587 (telnet could connect to both). Totally disabled Norton, with no effect. Stopping and restarting Outlook 2000, on the other hand, did the job.

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